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Trade Policy

Second-Hand In Demand


We are currently limiting all incoming books to trade accounts only. No book donations currently being accepted.

For bringing books in for trade, we are currently only taking in 3 bags/boxes at a time. They must be labeled with name and phone number, and also be able to be left at store due to current quarantine procedures.

We are also not accepting:

  • Cookbooks

  • Craft books

  • Religious Books

  • Ex-library and annotated texts are also not being accepted at this time. As well as those books listed below.

We appreciate your understanding at this time.

Open Book
Trade Policy: Store Policies

If you set up a trade account by bringing in books for credit, we will take an additional 25% of the published cover price off paperbacks out of your credit account so that the final cost to you is only 25% of the original cover price. Hardcovers are $6 without a trade account and $3 with a Trade Account. As a Trade Account customer we also keep an active reading list in our computer of your mass market and comfort sized titles and have access to author recommendations based on reading preferences. This also guards against re-purchasing books previously brought in for trade.​

New books are not eligible for trade discount and credit cannot be applied. There are specially priced books in store are well that are priced separately from the other titles. 

  • Specialized categories are Children's, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Western, paranormal and books on CD. Everything else falls under the general category. We will convert specialized categories to general credit. WE WILL NOT CONVERT GENERAL CREDIT TO ANY SPECIALIZED CATEGORY.

  • We do not give credit for text books, encyclopedias, series romance older than 4 years or Reader's Digest. We also do not give credit for hardcover books without dust jackets unless they were originally published that way. Please bring books in a condition that you would feel comfortable purchasing them. Credit will not be given for books missing covers, pages loose or marked up beyond reasonable expectations. We do not pay cash for books.

  • ​Please note that we are a USED bookstore. Although many of our books are in "as new" or good to fine condition, many books are in used condition. Some books will be heavily used but still be on the shelves for sale due to age, popularity or rarity. WE DO NOT DISCOUNT BOOKS FURTHER DUE TO CONDITION.

Trade Policy: Store Policies
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