Busy Saturday and Book Bingo!

Happy Saturday everyone!

We hope that you are enjoying this beautiful, hot weather we are getting here and are getting a chance to read a book or two this weekend!

It isn't even 11am this morning and we have already had a busy morning and the day is just going to get busier for us. So far this morning we have brought in a few boxes of books to get into the store from a pick-up, taken our food donation to FISH, and gotten the BINGO sheets ready for you all to pick it up in the store.We will be ending our day by doing a book rescue at Clarkston Library after they have have their first book sale since everything got derailed last year. We are so excited to keep brining new, used books in for as well as some new releases, while we know that our business is having to make some changes we appreciate all the support you have and continue to give us!

As for the Book Bingo, I have included them, in this post. Feel free to print copies off and join us! This bingo game will go until Labor day weekend and we cannot wait to see what books you guys are reading. Feel free to post them in any of the Book Bingo images and we will keep you updated of our reading as well!

Have an Amazing Weekend


Happy Reading!

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