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Book Babble Review: Curse of the Specter Queen by Jenny Elder Moke

I LOVED reading this book so much. I read the whole book in one day, I did not want to put it down it was that good of a story. The story is set in the 1920's it includes the affects of the Great War ( WW1) , prohibition, and Celtic lore. None of those elements are what made it great though, what I loved about this story was that it is an adventure inspired by Indiana Jones! There are puzzles to figure out, enemies to avoid, and an ancient curse to deal with, you know normal things. It was great from beginning to end.

Below is the complete synopsis of the story:

Samantha Knox put away her childish fantasies of archaeological adventure the day her father didn't return home from the Great War, retreating to the safety of the antique bookshop where she works. But when a mysterious package arrives with a damaged diary inside, Sam's peaceful life is obliterated. Ruthless men intent on reclaiming the diary are after Sam, setting her and her best friend, along with her childhood crush, on a high-stakes adventure that lands them in the green hills outside Dublin, Ireland. Here they discover an ancient order with a dark purpose - to perform an occult ritual that will raise the Specter Queen, the Celtic goddess of vengeance and death, to bring about a war unlike any the world has ever seen. To stop them, Sam must solve a deviously complex cipher - one that will lead her on a treasure hunt to discover the ancient relic at the heart of the ritual: a bowl carved from the tree of life. Will she find the bowl and stop the curse of the Specter Queen, or will the ancient order bring about the end of the world?

Samantha Knox is a book lover. The story starts with her working in an shop that does book restoration and her appreciation for the books and texts in her care is evidently not only in the beginning but throughout the whole story. While the story does focus Samantha, she is also joined by her two childhood friends , Joana and Bennett. Joana is such a fun character, she is vibrant and I think she adds balance to both Samantha and Bennett, who are both super focused on task. Bennett is smart, studious, and serious all make him great at solving puzzles but adds some blind spots. All three of them work TOGETHER to solve the mystery which is refreshing because some adventure books are the main character doing the work and the other characters just along to be a sidekick.

The mystery and treasure hunt were done very well. Solving the puzzles were not an easy task and it showed them having to use their skills, both individual skills and group skills, to solve each puzzle that was thrown in their way. It also had an element of history while they were exploring Ireland they talked about how the city had changed over the years and they had to use that information to "walk" the old city. This is seriously a book that I could talk about for so much longer but I don't want to spoil everything.

If you love Indiana Jones, Celtic History, Puzzles, and the 1920's; I really think that you will enjoy this book. It has all the elements that make a great adventure novel and the setting is just right for this story. While I do not know for sure if this series will be continued I truly hope that they do cause I am not done enjoying these characters quite yet!

Happy Reading!


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